How To Get Gems In Dragon City Fast

dragon city gems

If you are new in the Dragon City game, all you might be looking forward to is moving from one level to the next. However, your progress, you start realizing different features of the game that you had no idea of in the beginning. One of the most important assets in the Dragon City game is the gems. 

For amateurs and experts in this game, they know how significant a gem is in the game. As a matter of fact, a gem is the most important resource in Dragon City. Many people consider it is as the “luxury resource.” Getting other resources like food and gold is very easy, especially if you are at a high level. However, when it comes to getting gems, you have to sweat and pay a higher price for it. 

Why are the gems so important?

The Dragon City gems are an essential resource when it comes to speeding up different processes in the game. With enough gems, you will be able to finish breeding of dragons instantly, building farms and habitats, hatching the eggs, and instant production of foods. It is also possible to immediately train your dragon, among many other things. 

The number of gems you will need to finish a task instantly will highly depend on the amount of time or number of hours left. For example, since hatching an egg takes 8 hours, it will take the same amount of gems to hatch the egg instantly. The gems can buy dragons using the gems if you don’t want to go through the hatching process. 

Fastest way of getting Dragon City Hack:

There are many ways of getting city gems, and the quickest way is by purchasing them using Facebook credit. Paying for them is a bit costly, but if you want to rush the game, it is the best option. However, this is only possible if you can afford to pay. 

Secondly, you can choose to complete the different types of dragons found in the dragon book. The dragons are grouped in different types, and each type has its reward once you complete it. When you complete the legendary dragons, you receive the highest reward, which is five gems. However, completing the basic dragons qualifies you for two gems. Once you are eligible for any reward, make sure you accept it as it will not be added to your current gems automatically.

If the above two don’t work to your satisfaction, you can try competing in a tournament. There are two tournaments that you can participate in. There is the PVP and the Arena tournament. If you defeat the sets of dragons given in each arena tournament, you are rewarded with three gems. The PVP also qualifies you for three gems, but the number of opponents on each level is more. 


The other option that people use once in a while is the Dragon City Hack. The problem with using the hack generator tool is that it can cost you your account as it is not allowed in the game. The hacks manipulate the system to generate free gems for you.