How To Get Gems In Dragon City Fast

dragon city gems

If you are new in the Dragon City game, all you might be looking forward to is moving from one level to the next. However, your progress, you start realizing different features of the game that you had no idea of in the beginning. One of the most important assets in the Dragon City game is the gems.  For amateurs and experts in this game, they know how significant a gem is in the game. As a matter of fact, … Read more

How To Breed Cool Fire Dragon In Dragon City

cool fire dragon breeding

The Cool Fire Dragon is a Greek word to the beginners of the Dragon City game. This is because; it is a hybrid dragon that is only accessible as you progress in different levels of the game. Creating the Cool Fire Dragon is not an easy task as it takes two very unique elements to have a perfect result for your dragon city.  This means, to get the Cool Fire Dragon, you must use the breeding mountain. However, if you have enough currency, you … Read more

Dragon City Breeding Guide- Learn How To Breed A Dragon

breeding guide

Gaming is an exciting thing. This is because each game has its challenges, and you will never find a game that has similar challenges. At the same time, the techniques of winning and progressing to different levels are different. One of the most exciting games is the Dragon City game.  The secret of winning and fast progress in the game is learning how to breed the dragons. Since the developers know how tricky this can be, they decided to prepare … Read more