Dragon City Breeding Guide- Learn How To Breed A Dragon

Dragon city breeding guide

Gaming is an exciting thing. This is because each game has its challenges, and you will never find a game that has similar challenges. At the same time, the techniques of winning and progressing to different levels are different. One of the most exciting games is the Dragon City game. 

The secret of winning and fast progress in the game is learning how to breed the dragons. Since the developers know how tricky this can be, they decided to prepare a Dragon City Breeding Guide for you. This can be used by beginners as well as amateurs and experts depending on which level one is playing. 

What is a Dragon City breeding guide?

Dragon City game involves a lot, but the most unique among them all is the dragon breeding. However, figuring out how to breed what is not easy unless you have the guide of a formula. A breeding guide provides you with tutorials and formulas on the best way of breeding the dragons of your choice and how to use them in the game. 

Using a Dragon City breeding guide is very important as it improves your gameplay and makes it fun for you to enjoy the game. There are a few tutorials that you would expect in a breeding guide and some of these include; 

Breeding guide basic information: 

Every tool we use has its own simple rules and guidelines. This is no different from the breeding guide. The basics of breeding of Dragon City are taught during the tutorial. However, before you start the breeding process, you must first level up your dragon, which is done by feeding them to level four and above. 

The second most important thing is to build a building ground like Breeding Tree or Breeding Mountain before selecting the dragon to breed. Dragons take some time in creating the eggs, and just like in the normal life, the eggs will again take some time before they hatch, the types of offspring highly depend on the parents. Unfortunately, it is not a guarantee that you will get 100% of the dragon you are looking for. However, if you are lucky enough, the product may turn out positive. 

First-generation breeding: 

The first breeding you should involve yourself in immediately you get into the game should be the first generation. This will allow you to breed a couple of high generation dragons. The higher you move in the game, the more gold you will be able to make in the game. It is this gold that you will use to purchase more advanced genes. 


Before you start the breeding process, it is important first to have the basic building blocks. The first thing you need to do is to purchase the dragons from eggs since you don’t have the genes you are looking for. Once you get the parents to mate and generate these basic dragons, then you will be good to go.