How To Breed Cool Fire Dragon In Dragon City

breeding cool fire dragon

The Cool Fire Dragon is a Greek word to the beginners of the Dragon City game. This is because; it is a hybrid dragon that is only accessible as you progress in different levels of the game. Creating the Cool Fire Dragon is not an easy task as it takes two very unique elements to have a perfect result for your dragon city. 

This means, to get the Cool Fire Dragon, you must use the breeding mountain. However, if you have enough currency, you can opt to buy from the store. However, you should keep in mind that this is a valuable asset that you should work towards. 

 Cool Fire Dragon Key Features:

To have a Cool Fire Dragon, you must have the features below in place;

  • Ice and Flame elements
  • Hybrid Dragon
  • Frozen flames 

The simplest way of defining what a Cool Fire Dragon is is identifying it as a hybrid dragon that composes of elements of Ice and Flame. These elements are normally considered as Ice and Fire. This means you cannot be able to have a Cool Fire Dragon without these two important elements in your breeding combination. 

To get this unique Dragon for your game, you will have to breed the Alpine hybrid Dragon and the Volcano Dragon. The breed time is usually 12 hours and that is the same time indicated for hatching process. The above are, however, not the only combination you can have to get this Dragon incorporated in your game. You can also combine:

  • Volcano Dragon + Alpine
  • Firebird Dragon +Dandelion
  • Blizzard Dragon + Icecube
  • Laser Dragon + Dandelion
  • Hot Metal Dragon + Mojito
  • Laser Dragon + Fluorescent


The side from which your Dragon for breeding comes from is not of any importance. This means, you can select from any side.

In the same way, the level of the Dragon is also not of importance. This doesn’t have any effect when it comes to the breeding process. As we indicated before, as long as you have the right combination, the results will ultimately be up to luck. 

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Evolution guide of the Cool Fire Dragon:

Once you feed your Cool Fire Dragon to a given level in the game, it will evolve. It Cool Firets off and you get a dragon egg which when hatched becomes a baby dragon. After you get to level 4 and you feed the Dragon enough, it will evolve again. This will be for your advantage as it will gain a powerful form of battling enemies in your game. 

The four stages of evolution 

  •  Dragon Egg: This is the hatching stage. 
  • Baby Dragon: This is stage 1-4, and at this stage, the Dragon is in its baby form. 
  • Teen Dragon: after it has passed the 4th stage, this is when it reaches this stage. In this stage, the Dragon is very powerful. 
  •  Adult dragon: The adult stage is witnessed at level 7. 


The most beautiful thing is watching this Dragon fly with its beautiful colors in your islands. It is both hot as fire and as cool as ice. This Dragon never grows tired of huffing and puffing. The experience is just out of this world.