Dragon City Hack 2020 – Unlimited Gold And Gems

Dragon City hack

Gaming is something that we do for fun. Gaming does not only help us kill boredom, but it is also a perfect way of dealing with our concentration issues. If you are not very good at concentrating on one thing for a long time, trying it out in a fun way might be the only thing you were supposed to try out. You will not only learn how to concentrate, but you will also jog your IQ and keep your mind occupied and running all through. Although all gaming is fun, not all gaming is worth your time. 

One of the best games that you can get involved in, and you will energize at the end of it is the Dragon City Hack. If you know what real fun in gaming is all about, you will agree with me that the developers of Dragon City Game had the users’ best interest n heart while developing the app. Since it was developed in 2012, the 8th of May, and it has remained one of the best gaming up in today’s generation. Mention Dragon City game anywhere and everyone’s face will glow with a smile of acceptance and expectation. 

How does Dragon City Hacks work?

Dragon City Hacks works in such a unique way. it generates as many Gems for the gamer as they need. The good thing is, there is nothing much the gamer needs to do to earn these Gems except following the steps given below:

  1. Select the number of Gems you need. Sign in using your account details. 
  2. Select generate. 

Once you can generate the number of Gems you had selected, it will only take a few minutes and all the Gems requested will be deposited to your account. Although these Gems are free, don’t misuse them. Always look for the perfect timing to use the Gems as this will ensure that you don’t misuse your precious possession trying to go up the levels. 

What’s the age limit for Dragon City?

Dragon City Game involves breeding of Dragons where the player is expected to build habitats for them, breed, and feed them. Once the Dragons are grown enough, the gamer will then fight them against dragons of other players. Gamers can connect through with other gamers through Facebook, Game Center, or Google Play. You also need to visit the same sites if you want to sell or give resources on the Dragon City game

If you want to earn in-app currencies, you will be expected to complete a few activities in the game. This means everything that is done on Dragon City Hack is very open, and nothing is secretive that a parent can’t easily figure out. However, for the sake of children’s safety, the developers of the game decided to put the age limit of 14 years and above. This highly impressed many parents as they feel Social Point developers care for their children. At the same time, the game requests parents of teenagers below 18 years of age to guide them through the game. 

What’s the target of Dragon City Game?

Dragon City game is a social network game that is free to play. The game was launched on Facebook immediately. It was set to play on the 8th of May 2012. Roughly, the game has been around for eight years since its developers Social Point released it to gamers. However, it was not immediately downloadable on iOS, not until almost a year later. 

Although iOS users were able to download it in 2013, Intel Atom tablets for Android had to wait until 2014. The gamers were faithful and patient enough as they never gave up until they received an app that was easily accessible. 

For gamers who have no idea what Dragon City Game is, then I’ll give you a quick intro to the game and what it involves. The main target of the Dragon City Game is mid-core players. They raise dragons, and the more they can raise and breed, the faster they are able to create their own Dragon on floating islands. 

According to an announcer ran by The Next Web in December 2012, which was a few months since the release of the game. It had attained the 2nd position among all the 25 Facebook games rated that year. Just like many other Facebook games, connecting your Facebook account with your gaming account qualifies you for a reward of 10 Gems and Elements dragon. 

What are gamers entitled to in the game?

Every gamer in whichever game they are playing has a reward after accomplishing a certain level or target. When it comes to Dragon City Hack, things are not different at all. There are many resources and rewards a gamer receives after completing a certain level. The levels are, however, very different in terms of difficulties, and hence, the rewards they receive are different. 

As we had mentioned before, the main theme of the game is breeding, hatching, and raising dragons. Once the dragons come of age, they are then set to war with other dragons in the arena. The dragons are then able to generate gold for the player to buy habitats and farms. This game is all like a continuous exchange game. One thing is exchanged for the other, and the system goes until the player reaches the highest level. 

The farms make it possible for the player to exchange the gold they have for food. The food sold in the game looks like the tomatoes. Once you get enough food to feed your dragons, you are allowed to level up. Once you level up dragons, it gives you a way to earning or generating more gold. However, no matter how much you feed your dragon, it cannot be able to breed and multiply until you get to level 4. 

Although it is not easy to rise through different levels, the higher the level you are in the game, the better chances you have and more power you have. This is because, if a dragon is at a higher level, it has more power in Arenas, in Quests, and in Leagues. There are different kinds of battles where different players volunteer their three dragons each to fight each other.

Experiencing the Ancient World:

League level, you have the privilege of choosing how many dragons will go to battle. You can use to or even one depending on which level you are in. You can only enjoy all these privileges once you pass level 4. Quests and Arenas may, however, have more demands like rarity or elements. Things get better as the gamer rises in levels. It is at level 27, where you meet the Ancient World. 

The Ancient World is a unique area in the game as the gamer can exchange gold for gemstones. The gemstones are then utilized in summoning ancient dragons. This is not all; the gemstones earned are then crafted using platinum. The Ancient Dragons generate the platinum just like the way normal or ordinary dragons generate gold. 

Apart from the gold and the gemstones, we have another in-game currency in Dragon City Game Hack known as Gems. Although there are many ways of earning Gems, there is an easy way to go around it, which is purchasing them using real money. Another easy way of earning these Gems is by having a certain collection of dragons available from the dragon book. You can also check the calendar, leveling up as a gamer, participating in events, and many more. 

The goal of every gamer is to get as many Gems as possible. Buying them using real-world money might seem to be such a more natural way of earning as many gems as they’ll need. The good thing with buying these Gems using real money is that you will get and use them only when you feel you need them. However, this might not be good news for everyone and especially to young gamers who are still depending on their guardians. 

At the same time, it might also not be such good news to the independent gamers as they might not have spare cash to buy the Gems. Therefore, better and affordable would be the best news for the gamers. Luckily, developers have come up with a unique way of solving this mystery, and this is through Dragon City Hack. 


There are a lot of theories when it comes to the use of Dragon City Hack generators. Some people feel it is a waste of time and that you can never enjoy the game entirely using the hack generator. However, there is no truth in this at all. The more Gems you can generate, the more you will enjoy the game. This is because the higher the level you are in, the more resources you can earn, and the more challenging the game gets. Make a wise choice and look for a genuine generator that will make your gaming experience stress free.